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On Freedom you can decide how long you want your calls to be saved. This can be set to any period from 1 month to 7 years. 


Note that call recordings are billed at R0.05 per recorded minute per month saved. So if you were to save 1,000 minutes of  recordings for 2 months the total price for these recordings would be R100.00 (1,000 minutes x R0.05 x 2 months). Billing takes place once a month. In this example R50.00 per month.

How to set up call recording?

  • Log in on Freedom
  • Go to 'Admin' >> 'Call recording' (under Advanced options). (Please note that the applicable costs are listed at the top)
  • CheckAllow call recording
  • Now choose how many months you want to save your recorded calls on for. (Please note that you pay extra for each month save)
  • Outbound calls: Then choose whether you want to record your outbound calls and if so, on all or selected VoIP accounts (i.e. extensions).
  • ClickSave’.

How to record inbound calls

The recording of inbound calls is set via the Dialplan.

  • Click 'Dialplan' in the main menu
  • Select the number you want inbound calls recorded for.
  • Add a new step as first step in your Dialplan
  • Select ‘Call recording’ from the drop-down-list
  • ClickSave
  • Inbound calls on this number will now be recorded

Other Tips

  • Legal aspect. Please note that you are responsible for the legal compliance of recording phone calls. This means that you have to inform the caller about recording their phone call.
  • When are the recordings available? It takes an hour, at most, before a recorded call is visible in your call history. It can take several hours should there be a glitch on our system - in this case, your call recordings will always be visible in your call history the next business day.
  • Managing your recorded calls: Click 'Calls' in the main menu. Behind the recorded calls you will see a play-button, a stop-button and a download button.

Nice to know

  • If you’ve chosen to save recorded calls for 1 month, recordings really do disappear after 1 month of the call being recorded and can not be retrieved.
  • Tip: Save money by downloading recordings of important calls and storing them locally.
  • When you forward a call to a an external number, the forwarded part of the call is not recorded. We are working on a fix.

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