Three Attendees (free feature)

  • Most VoIP phones will allow you to make a conference call with 3 attendees. This is free Voys Freedom functionality.
  • The specific procedure to make a 3-way conference call is different for every VoIP phone. However most phones will work in a way similar to the procedure described below, which is for the Yealink T21(P).

How it works

  • Make OR an answer a call.
  • Press Conf >> Dial number/extension of other attendee >> Press Send >> When the attendee answers the call, Press Conf >> Repeat to add a third attendee.

During the conference call, you can do the following:

  • Press the Hold key to place the conference on hold.
  • Press the Split key to split the conference into two individual calls.
  • Press the Cancel key to end the conference call.

Unlimited Attendees (Add-on feature)

  • Your virtual conference room with unlimited attendees.
  • Attend a conference call by dialling a dedicated phone number from any phone.


  • Click Add.
  • Enter Extension number e.g. 701 >> Enter other needed detailssuch as Admin password >> Click Save.
  • Admin password: 4-digitcode. This is the password that only you have. This makes you admin of theconference room. The admin can press 3 during the conference to remove the last caller to enter theconference call.
  • User Password: 4-digitcode. This is the password that is handed out to the guest attendees.
  • Message settings: Select if you would like to have messages played in English or Dutch before you enter the conference room. You will be prompted to enter your 4-digit password.
  • If you don’t already have a separate conference number on your account, please add a number.
  • Click Dialplan (on the main navigation bar) >> Click on the conference number.
  • Click on the 3 dots next to Step 1 >> select Conference from the firstdrop-down menu >> Select the Extension number set above from thesecond drop-down menu >> Click Save on step >> Click Save for Dialplan. 

How it works

  • Call Phone number or Extension >> After voice prompt, Enter User Password, followed by the # key.
  • When you’re the first caller, you will hear the hold tone.
  • When a second attendant enters the conference call, you will hear a sound and you can start the conversation.
  • When somebody leaves the conference call, you will hear another sound.
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