Generic settings

  • Domain/ SIP-server: 

  • Port:  6060 

  • Account ID/ username:  Is visible in Freedom under 'Admin' >> 'VoIP Account' 

  • Password:  Is visible in Freedom under 'Admin' >> 'VoIP Account'  

  • Codec:  Preferably use G.711 A-law (PCMA). This gives the best sound quality. Where bandwidth is limited, G.729a may be considered. 

  • Local SIP Port:  Ensure that each phone on your network is assigned a unique Local SIP Port number. For instance 5061 for extension 201, 5062 for extension 202 etc. 

You can also check our Guidelines for VoIP Implementation

Detailed manuals

You can find detailed configuration manuals for specific VoIP applications below. If the application or device that you are using is not listed, you can use the settings above or contact us on 021 012 5000 if you require assistance. We’re happy to help.

VoIP Phones

PC applications

Smartphone applications

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