When connected to WiFi, the reason you struggle with call quality on the Voys 4G-app is because the app does not pick up a stable internet connection via WiFi. When connected to the internet via Mobile data, insufficient bandwidth will be the reason for bad call quality. For the best call quality while connected to Mobile data, the app requires a stable 4G connection and the equivalent when connected to WiFi.
Please have a look at this page on why the speed and reliability of your internet connection is important for your VoIP call quality experience.
2-step calling via the Voys 4G-app makes use of your mobile provider's voice network to establish a call, making it a great work-around when experiencing the above issues with your internet connectivity. Your outgoing phone number remains your office phone number.

How to set it up

(Please note: The screenshots below are taken from an Android device)

  • On the Voys 4G-app, go to the menu by clicking on the three lines (hamburger icon) in the top left-hand corner.

  • Click on 'Settings'.

  • Under 'Call settings', disable 'Call Using VoIP' by moving the slider to the left. 

  • Go back until you've exited the menu and you will see a message in red saying, "VoIP disabled, enable in settings". This means that you're set to start making outgoing calls via 2-step calling!

Here's what happens after dialling your desired number via the app

  • First you receive a call on your cell phone (step 1).

  • After you answer the incoming call on your cell phone, the app then calls the phone number that you dialled (step 2) and connects both calls.

Please note: Your business is billed for two calls - the rate to call your cell phone number + the rate to call the dialled phone number. See our call rates here.


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