1. Restart your device

As a general rule of thumb, the best thing to do when you encounter any issue with your phone is to restart your device. It does wonders. Many of us simply charge the battery before the device has a chance to die. Try switching your phone off every now and then.

2. Update your apps

Always ensure that you have the latest version of applications installed. Updates usually resolve any major bugs in the system. This could be a lifesaver if you are using outdated versions of any Android app.

3. Clear notifications and open apps

Each app that is open, may remain open in the background. Make a point of closing background applications and clearing notifications that have been viewed.

4. Clear your cache and data

As time goes by and more apps are added to the system, the cache tends to pile up. Clearing your cache can go a long way into having a normal functioning device, but keep in mind that clearing your cache could remove app data and any personal settings. This could also clear any progress you have made on games.

5. Free up space

If your device is overloaded with data and has no free space, it will affect normal functioning. If you need extra internal space, get a memory card. Transferring to your SD card could be beneficial.

6. Consider using a task killer application

Downloading a task killer application could improve the overall functioning of your device, but be aware that adding another application may just make things worse. Clean Master is great for to clearing junk files, boosting your device, clearing notifications, and deep cleaning your phone. It is ideal for spring cleaning after files have been deleted. Clear all unnecessary data for additional space. Please note that Clean Master, as one example, has pesky ads.

7. Factory Reset

If all else fails and your device is not functioning correctly, you may want to give your device a fresh start. This is really a last resort. This is the best alternative when numerous apps have been crashing frequently.

Out of ideas? View the following link for more information on how to remedy unresponsive Android applications.

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