The Webhook can be used to let customers enter a pincode (followed by '#') before being connected. 

When the code is correct, the caller is automatically transferred. If the code is incorrect you can for instance play a voice prompt.

This option is particularly useful for support numbers with an SLA. Customers receive a code and can always reach support. 

Extension Dialling

Another use case is to allow a caller to connect to an extension directly from the IVR menu. E.g. "If you know the extension number, please dial it now". The setup is similar setting up to the VIP PIN code.


  1. Create a new Webhook

  2. Enter a name for easy reference

  3. Enter the following under 'URL-template':{code}/

  4. Check the checkbox 'Use IVR'.

  5. Complete the other details to your preference. You might want to read more about setting up an IVR here.

  6. Add the Webhook to your Dialplan.

  7. You can configure the Dialplan as follows. Please note you must enter 'code' under variable. 

When the caller dials 1234#, he/ she will be transferred to VIP Support.
When the caller dials another code, the call is disconnected.

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