Calling Emergency Services

It is NOT possible to dial emergency numbers such as 10177 or 10111 from your VoIP phones.

Traditionally, a phone is physically connected to your local emergency control room via the copper telephone network and telephone exchanges. Emergency calls are automatically directed to your nearest control room. Because a VoIP telephone is not bound to a geographic location (it connects over the internet), it can not accurately determine where it is and which control room to contact.

  • Display your areas’ local emergency numbers (e.g. Sandton police station) clearly near all VoIP phones in your office.

  • Add stickers to your phones with the relevant direct numbers to your emergency services. Sticker suggestion: In case of emergency dial: – Police: – Fire Brigade: – Ambulance:

  • Add the local emergency numbers under speed dial on your phones and clearly mark them. Your Voys contact person will gladly assist you. 

  • In case of an emergency, dial abbreviated national emergency numbers from a cell phone. Please do not use the Voys mobile app in this instance.

  • Familiarise all your employees with office emergency protocol.

Visit your provincial government’s website to reference the relevant direct emergency numbers in your area. This should be a normal landline number (e.g. 021 480 7700 ), NOT a short coded number.

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