ZoiPer is a softphone that many of our customers enjoy using. We like ZoiPer because it supports the ‘variable bit rate codec’ iLBC (an audio compression technique). This compression technique allows for better call quality when making calls over a suboptimal internet connection.

ZoiPer is available for use on Windows and Mac PC's as well as on iOS and Android smartphones. Follow the following steps to install and configure the ZoiPer Softphone on your PC. The screenshots were taken from a Mac. Settings on other devices should be similar.

You can download ZoiPer for Windows or Mac here.

You will be requested to enter the following details:

  • 'Account name':  Internal extension number (e.g. 201)

  • 'Hostname/ Domain':  sip.voys.co.za

  • 'User name':  Account ID of the VoIP-account (is visible in Freedom under Admin >> VoIP Account)

  • 'Password':  Password of the VoIP-account (is visible in Freedom under Admin >> VoIP Account)

  • 'Caller id': Account ID of the VoIP-account


  • Open ZoiPer and enter your 'Username' and 'Password'

  • Enter the 'Hostname': sip.voys.co.za

  • Skip 'Authentication and Outbound proxy'

  • ZoiPer will run a test to determine the best transport type for your configuration

  • Configure your audio devices. Select this option to ensure that all audio devices function correctly

  • Click on the cog next to 'Account Name' to access 'Settings'

  • Go to 'Settings' >> 'Accounts' >> 'Account Name'

  • Edit the 'Account Name' and change it to your internal extension number

  • Click on 'Advanced'. Scroll down and deselect all options except for ‘iLBC 30’.

  • Scroll down and select "Keep settings after restart"

  • Click on Audio to select audio devices

You’re now ready to make VoIP calls!

Here's How To Configure Your ZoIPer Mobile Application on your smartphone. Please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance at all and we will be happy to assist you. 

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