Zapier is a popular platform for linking hundreds of programs and integrating your own applications. Voys has linked Freedom to Zapier via the call notification API for example for the Slack integration and e-mail integration.
Some possibilities between Zapier and the platform:

  • If someone calls on the error number, a text message or e-mail is sent immediately.

  • In the case of missed calls outside opening hours, a Slack message is sent.

  • For incoming calls, end customers can trigger an automatic action, such as a note in the CRM system.

To further integrate Freedom and Zapier, we launched the VoIPGRID "app" in Zapier. 


Log in on Zapier
Click the button: Make a Zap! 


The first step is to set a trigger under When this happens... ' type 'VoIPGRID' and select it. 

Under Choose Trigger Event, select 'New Call Notification'. Click CONTINUE.

Now select Select a VoIPGRID account.
If no account has been linked before, you can click 'Add a New Account'.

When you press the Connect an account button, the following screen will appear:

Under Email address enter the email address you use to log in on Freedom.
Under API Token paste your Voys API token. You can find it on Freedom under your personal settings.
When done, click Yes, Continue
You can ignore the Customize Call field.

Click CONTINUE on the next screen.
Now the VoIPGRID trigger is complete. With this trigger you can now connect to other programs.


Under step 2 under Built in apps, choose Filter.

In the next step select Only continue if... This step is different for everyone. 

With the Filter you set exactly what kind of calls must trigger an action.
Some examples. Filter on: 

  • The status of the call, when you want to filter on missed calls only

  • The called number, or

  • Inbound vs Outbound calls. 

Below we'll show you the filter if you want to trigger on missed calls only. If a call is not answered, there are two statuses that are parsed via the call notification. These are:

  • busy: The line is busy

  • no-answer: There is not answered

Complete the fields as per the screenshot below:

Click Continue
Click Done Editing
To add the action step, click on the plus (+) icon and search for/ select the app you want to have perform the next action. We'll be using Gmail as an example here. Search for Gmail and select.
Under Choose Action Event select Send Email
Select your Gmail account or connect a new one.
Complete the (required) fields per your requirements

IMPORTANT! Make sure you turn on your Zap at the bottom or top right of your screen

Watch magic happen!

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