The way our prepaid system works is different from what most will be familiar with.

Main elements

  • We do not invoice directly after payment. Invoices are generated automatically on the first weekday of the month only. The invoices relate to actual services rendered (once-off fees and subscriptions) and call minutes.

  • Freedom shows all amounts excluding VAT. E.g. When one buys R100 of prepaid credit, R86.96 is shown on the dashboard as available credit.

  • Call charges are deducted from the available balance immediately after the call has ended.

  • Service fees are deducted from the available balance on the 1st of every month only. These services relate to subscriptions AND once-off fees.

Payment methods

Payments can be made via Instant EFT (payments reflect immediately) or MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Processing of payments is handled via Peach Payments.

Checking your balance

Your current prepaid credit balance is available on your Freedom dashboard. Keep in mind that the amount shown reflects your balance minus calls made in the current calendar month. Services (subscriptions and once-off fees) rendered in a calendar month are deducted at once on the 1st of the next month.


You can set a prepaid balance threshold in Freedom. (Go to Account >> Billing >> Prepaid. Select the Settings tab.)
When your available prepaid credit drops below the threshold, you will receive a notification via email.

One week before invoicing is due and service fees are deducted from your credit, you will also receive an email confirming the expected balance available after services fees have been deducted.

Want to know how to top-up prepaid credit on Voys Freedom? 

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