Please Note: Voys provides configuration manuals for some PBX’s and general settings below. We do not offer support on the configuration of your PBX. For full support, please consider Freedom, our Hosted PBX option.

Manual for FreePBX

General Trunk Settings

On-Trunk Settings 

Registration Server/Proxy Server/Domain/Host =

Registerserver/proxyserver/domain/host =
Username/AccountId/Authentication Name = <AccountId> Is visible in Freedom Admin  >> System Management >> VoIP Trunk
Password = <Password> Is visible in Freedom under Admin >> System Management >> VoIP Trunk
Register String = <AccountId>:<Password><AccountID>
Type = Friend
Insecure = Invite
DDI-format = Full Number with Plus Sign (+27212345678 )
CLI-format = Interlocal SA Number (0212345678 )

Preferred Registration Interval: 1800 seconds
DNS SRV (RFC 3263): Yes
PRACK Support: No
Send Session Refresh (RFC 4028): No
Preferred Codec: G711a, G722 (Preferably use G.711 (A-law/ PCMA). This gives the best sound quality. Where bandwidth is limited G.729a may be considered.
Transport Protocol: UDP or TCP
Identity: PPI
Call Transfer Method: Re-invite or REFER
Use Destination URL from: Request line
Music on Hold Signaling: Auto or RFC 3264
Redirecting Info: Non-recursing (302)
ALG Support: No
STUN: Disable
Keep-a-live: 10 seconds
NAT rport: Possible

SIP Proxy

All new trunks register on the SIP proxy by default. This has the advantage of SIP traffic being sent over port 6060 instead of 5050. The proxy also allows for a High Availability (HA) setup.

IP Ranges




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