ZoiPer is a third-party softphone application that enables you to make and receive calls over a stable internet connection. ZoiPer can be used as an alternative to a physical VoIP phone, the Voys Webphone, the Voys 4G-app and other softphone applications. ZoiPer supports the ‘variable bit rate codec’ iLBC. This compression technique allows for better call quality when making calls over a suboptimal internet connection. ZoiPer is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.  If you are using a newer Huawei device and you are unable to find the application on Huawei AppGallery, download Huawei's Petal Search, to search for the Android file.


Configuring ZoiPer on your Android smartphone

Follow the steps below to install and configure ZoiPer. 

Download the ZoiPer app in the Play Store. You can download ZoiPer for iOS in the App Store. For Windows or Mac here.


  • Obtain your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ by going to Admin in Freedom. Click on VoIP Account under main functionalities.

  • When requested to use a Username make use of the Account ID number.

  • Open ZoiPer and enter the details requested below

  • Type in your Username@sip.voys.co.za  and ‘Password’ and select Create an account’. See the example in the screenshot below:

  • Fill in the ‘Hostname’: sip.voys.co.za

  • Skip ‘Authentication’ and ‘Outbound proxy’

  • ZoiPer will run a test to determine the best transport type for your configuration. 

 **If ZoiPer is unable to automatically detect the best transport type for your configuration, do not opt to ‘Proceed Anyway’ as this may result in issues relating to calls once ZoiPer is fully configured. Select ‘SIP TCP’ or ‘SIP UDP’ manually by clicking the white circle next to the configurations. 

  • Click ‘Finish’

  • Set permissions for ZoiPer.  Click ‘Allow’ and ‘ok’ when requested, to ensure that you are able to receive incoming calls and have access to contacts. These permissions include Do Not Disturb Access and allowing ZoiPer to ignore battery optimisation in order to run in the background.

Once you see the words “Account is ready” in green you’re ready to make and receive calls!

How to change the Account Name to the extension number

To change your account name to your internal extension number (e.g 201)  for ease of use, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ and then go the ‘Accounts’ tab

  • Select ‘Account Name’ in SIP tab (this is indicated by your Username@sip.voys.co.za)

  • Click on the ‘Account Name’ then go to the SIP tab and change the details in this field to your extension number (e.g “201”)

How to change the Audio Codec Settings to improve call quality

Once configured, ZoiPer automatically selects all unlocked audio codecs. The variable bit rate codec iLBC 30 is recommended for lower bandwidth. In order to select this codec only:

  • Go back to ‘Settings’ then go to ‘Accounts’

  • Click on the SIP tab to go to the SIP Account

  • Scroll down and click on ‘Audio Codec Settings’.

  • Deselect all audio codecs except iLBC30.

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