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Help! Issues, what can I do?

Facts and did you knows

Bluetooth is causing extra issues. If it works; nice. If it doesn't; we can not offer support on this, unfortunately.

Callername (Variable callername)
Callername is an issue on iOS. iOS can send a callername or a number. When there is a callername active in the dialplan, the callername will be sent to the App. Exception: When the app user is called by an iOS contact, it shows the iOS contact information. We can not fix this issue because this is how callkit (iOS) handels incoming calls.
Callername works on Android without issues.

Call from phonebook
It's possible to set up a call from the phonebook in iOS using the app. Android does not have a feature like this. In the newest releases the complete phonebook is available in the app, so from the app phonebook, it's still possible to make calls on both iOS and Android.

Battery saving modes
iOS and Android have battery saving features. Make sure the app is excluded from the battery saving feature. And on iOS the app should also be excluded from screentime.

Windows phone app?
The app is not available for Windows mobile, unfortunately. (The marketshare of Windows is less then 0,1%.)

Call Queue
The app does not work optimally in a Call Queue. This is because the app does not make a SIP registration, so our servers do not know the status of the app before waking the app up.

iOS: Ringtone is the default Voys Tone on iOS

Android: Choice between default Voys tone or tone of Native Dialer

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