Should you wish to cancel your account with us, that can be done whenever you want, no notice periods. We want to assist you by making it a smooth process. See the guidelines below.

Request the cancellation

Signatory confirmation of services and account

  • Someone from Voys will make contact to get the approval of the person who signed up for our services. This needs to be someone who is authorised to make this kind of request.

  • We will give you guidance and assistance regarding; any phone number(s) that may need to be ported/ migrated, call recordings that may need to be stored on your side and anything else that may need to be planned for on your side before the cancellation is actioned.

  • The status of your billing account will be confirmed. Communication of either an all-clear or Prepaid credit refund or bill settlement will occur.

Confirmation of the cancellation

Once approval is received from the authorised person and the date of cancellation is confirmed;

  • We will send you an email confirming that all of your services have been cancelled, on the requested date.

  • We will also confirm any refunds or settlements that have been made.

  • We thrive on feedback and would love to hear how your experience was with us, so please do send us some.

We're here to help you make this process as smooth as possible! Please call us on 021 012 5000 should you have any questions or require any assistance at any point.

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