The Voys Webphone is a softphone application that can be used to make and receive calls from your PC, via your browser or preferably an application installed onto your PC. Not only does the Webphone enable you to call it also shows you the availability of your colleagues, a log of your recent calls, and your call queue status (should you have a call queue in place). You will need to set your Webphone up before you can make and receive calls.

Making a call

Making a call using your Webphone can be done in various ways.

  • Type in a number or paste a copied number into the "Enter a number or name" field. Then press Call.

  • Or enter the name of a colleague in the "Enter a number or name" field. Then press Call.

  • Or scroll to the colleague you want to call and press Call.

  • Or enter a phone number on the keypad. Then press Call.

Action Buttons

The mute, hold, and hang up buttons will only be visible while a call is in progress.

  • Mute button - click Mute to mute the sound coming from your microphone while on a call. Press the same button to unmute.

  • Hold button - click the Hold button to place a call on hold. To take the caller off hold, click the Hold button again.

  • Hang up - click on the Hang up button in order to end the call.

Current Calls

You can see on the Webphone the call you're currently on and the related actions available.

  • Call in Progress - Calling

  • Talking to a caller - Active call

  • To place a caller on Hold, click the Hold button. Click the Resume button to continue talking to the caller.

Transfer Calls with consultation - Attended/ Warm Transfer

  • Click Hold button

  • Click Transfer button

  • Click on colleague's extension number/ name or enter the number you want to transfer to

  • Click Call button

  • When you reach the person you are transferring to, you can have a conversation that the incoming caller will not hear

  • Click Complete transfer to transfer the caller

  • If your colleague is unavailable/ busy to take the call, click Resume and you will be able to speak to the caller, alternatively, you can click Choose someone else and select another colleague

Transfer Calls without consultation - Blind Transfer

  • Click Transfer button

  • Click on a colleague's extension number/ name from the list or enter the number you want to transfer the call to

Do not disturb

If you do not want to be disturbed by incoming calls, you can put your extension on Do not disturb.

  • Click on DND in the green Available button at the top left of your screen, next to your name

  • Toggle to DND. The button turns Orange and Do not disturb will be highlighted

You will not receive any incoming calls on your webphone, however, you can make outgoing calls. To be Available again on your extension,

  • Click on DND in the orange Do not disturb button and it will go green and you will be available to receive incoming calls again

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