On the 'Dashboard' page, each User can make changes to their accessibility - enabling them to toggle between their desk phone; Voys 4G-app; Voys WebRTC Plugin; their Fixed destination (this a landline or mobile phone number);etc. depending on the device that they will be available to receive calls on. 

Should you wish to add a fixed destination that is not already added to the system, then you can do so on this page. 

On this page, you have access to a snapshot of your 'Recent calls', incoming and outgoing calls for the current day. To access the full list of calls for the current day as well as any 1-month period dating back to the very beginning of your account activity, go to the Calls page found in the menu.

For detailed call records such as the cost of a call(s) (individual and total calls) and to run filters on the available call data, see this page.

What you will also find on the Dashboard:

  • 'Quick links' to popular services and the ability to add basic services. The rest of the services can be added by going to the 'Admin' page found in the menu. 

  • For Prepaid customers, you can view your available Prepaid Balance and top up prepaid credit.

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