This article explains the basics of how to create or edit a dialplan for your phone number. Refer to specific feature help pages for the specific instructions on how to include a particular feature in the dialplan.


  • Log in on Freedom

  • Click on 'Dialplan' in the main navigation bar.

Open or add a Dialplan

If you are editing an existing Dialplan:

  • Click on the corresponding phone number.

If you're adding a dialplan for a new number:

  • Click Add routing.

  • Enter the 'Phone number' you wish to create a dial plan for. Freedom will give suggestions that do not have a dialplan yet.

  • Enter a 'Description' for easy reference.  (e.g. 'Main number')

Add, Edit or Delete steps

  • To add a step, click on add step. To edit a step, click on the three dots at the end of the specific row that you would like to edit.  

  • When adding or editing a step, use drop down menus to select a feature and/or feature options.

  • Click Save at the end of that step

  • When you're done, click Save at the bottom of the dialplan.

Video Tutorial - What is a Dialplan

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