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On Freedom you can decide how long you want your calls to be saved. This can be set to any period from 1 month to 7 years. 


Note that call recordings are billed at R0.05 per recorded minute per month saved. So if you were to save 1,000 minutes of  recordings for 2 months the total price for these recordings would be R100.00 (1,000 minutes x R0.05 x 2 months). Billing takes place once a month. In this example R50.00 per month.

How to set up call recording?

  • Log in on Freedom.

  • In the menu on the left, go to 'Admin' >> 'Call recording' (under Advanced options). (Please note that the applicable costs are listed at the top)

  • CheckAllow call recording’.

  • Incoming calls: Enable the recording of incoming calls in your dial plan after you have completed all the steps below.

  • Outbound calls: Choose whether you want to record your outbound calls by selecting the VoIP accounts and trunks which you would like calls to be recorded for.

  • Recording on Demand: Check 'Allow call recording on demand' if you would like to be able to start recording during an active call.

  • Now choose how many months you want to save your recorded calls on for. This can be set to any period from 1 month to 7 years.  (Please note that you pay extra for each month save)

  • Click on Save

Adding call recording in the dial plan

The recording of all inbound calls is set via the Dialplan.

  • Click 'Dialplan' in the main menu.

  • Select the number you want inbound calls recorded for

  • In the very first step of your dialplan, click 'Add step' and select ‘Call recording’ from the drop-down-list. 

  • In the second step, add a destination for your call i.e. VoIP account(s)/ Call group/ Fixed destination, etc. 

  • Click Save.

  • All inbound calls for this number will now be recorded.

Call recording on demand

By adding call recordings to a dial plan it is possible to record all incoming calls. By adding call recording on demand, you are able to start a call recording while you are on an active outgoing call.
Simply press * and then a 2 to start recording calls. It’s that simple!
(This comes handy when you are dialling out from a VoIP account that has not been selected for outgoing call recording.)

When are the recordings available? 

It takes at least an hour before a recorded call is visible in your call history. It can take several hours depending on the amount of traffic or should there be a glitch on our system. In the case of the latter, your call recordings will always be visible in your call history the next business day.

Managing your recorded calls

Go to Calls in the menu bar. Behind the recorded calls you will see a play button 

, a stop button 

 and a download button 

Here you can listen to and download recorded call conversations.

Also good to know

  • If you have set that calls be recorded for 1 month, recordings really do disappear after that 1 month of the call being recorded and can not be retrieved thereafter.

  • Tip: Save money by downloading recordings of important calls and storing them locally instead of saving them on Freedom for periods longer than a month.

Do note

  • Calls that are transferred via Blind Transfer, do not record. In order to have your transferred calls recorded, ensure to complete your transfer by doing an Attended Transfer.

  • Voys App calls made via a two-step call will not be recorded. In a two-way call, our platform will first call your mobile number and then the number you want to call.

  • Legal aspect. Please note that you are responsible for the legal compliance of recording phone calls. This means that you have to inform the caller about recording their phone call.

Other Tips

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