• Avoid bill shock, get real time access to granular call details, free of charge.

  • The date period being viewed cannot be longer than 1 month.

Viewing call details

  • Call records with call costs can be viewed in 'Account' >> 'Billing' >> 'Call cost'.

  • If the Call recording feature is enabled, one can listen to and/or download the audio from the 'Calls' page.

  • Call records can be filtered according to a date period, 'Direction' (i.e. inbound or outbound calls) and 'Recordings'. You can filter further with the options in the 'Totalize on' drop-down menu.

Exporting call details

  • You can export the call details extracted by following the above guidelines. These call details will be available as a CSV file - you can then migrate that file to your favourite spreadsheet application such as Excel if serious number crunching is your thing.

  • Tips for filtering: To download an itemised bill, leave all the Totalize on check-boxes unchecked >> Click Save >> Export >> repeat these steps on the Export billed calls for ABC (Pty) Ltd page that you're taken to next >> Save. You'll see a pop-up message saying, "The export process has been started. When ready, the file will be available on the download page as "calls_yyyy-mm-dd_xxxxxx.csv"."

  • Click on the hyperlinked text: "download page" and select the file export that you would like to review (this is usually the one right at the top of the list).

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