Adding a VoIP Account

  • Log in on Freedom

  • Go to 'Admin' >> Click on 'VoIP account'

  • Click on Add (This is a paid service so please ensure that you are actually adding what you will require)

  • Enter a description for easy reference (e.g. name of colleague) >> Follow the prompts¬†

  • Click Save.

  • You can now configure your IP phone with the VoIP account details from the VoIP account you have just added.

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Receiving calls

  • Go to 'Dialplan' (in the main menu)

  • Select the phone number that you want the extension to receive calls for

  • Click add step¬†

  • Select VoIP account from the first drop-down menu

  • Next, select the VoIP Account you just added from the second drop-down menu

  • Enter the Ring time from the third drop-down menu

  • Click the Save button in order to save the step you have just added.

  • Save the updates that you've made on your Dialplan, by clicking the Save button at the end of the Diaplan.

Pro Tip

We recommend keeping the total ring times short. Most callers will not wait longer than 30-35 seconds before they hang up.

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