Adding a User via Freedom: 

  1. Log in on Freedom

  2. Go to 'Admin' in the Main Menu >> Click 'Users' under 'Main functionalities'.

  3. Click on Add to add a User to your existing list.

  4. Fill in your colleague's 'Personal Information'.

  5. Create a unique default password and add the same password to the 'Password' and 'Password check' fields.

  6. Under 'Permission Management', select at least one group to place the new User in. 

The following Groups are available:

  1. 'Admin' - Gives the User permission to edit, delete and add services. 

  2.  'Account Management' - Gives the User permission to edit, delete, but not add services.

  3. 'End user' - Gives the user permission to log in and edit their accessibility only. 

  4. 'Call details' - Gives the user permission to view the Call Detail Record list. 

Give us a call for a full breakdown of the different permissions available for each Permission Group and/ or to add a customised Permission Group together with you.

Adding a User via the Voys 4G-app

Once you have logged in to the Voys 4G-app...

  1. Click on the Hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines stacked one above the other) on the left-hand corner of the screen. 

  2. Select either 'Statistics' or 'Dial plan' as this will take you to Freedom where you can choose to click on 'Dashboard' or 'Admin' in the Main Menu.

  3. Click on 'Users' under the 'Main functionalities' section and follow the above process.

Please note that Users also need to be added for use of the Voys 4G-app and the Voys WebRTC Plugin.

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