Create a Call group

  • Go to 'Admin' in the Main Menu >> Click on 'Call group' under 'Call forwarding'

  • Click Add

  • Enter an Internal number (extension) e.g. 401

  • Enter a Description for easy reference e.g. Sales Team

  • Select "All" (for all extensions to ring at the same time) or "Random" under Ring Method

  • Advanced settings (optional): Check Ignore call forwarding - we recommend doing so as this ensures that call forwarding set on a VoIP phone can not be performed. Which means that each selected member of a call group is always available to receive a call. ¬†

  • Advanced settings (optional): Select "None", "Default" or "Custom" (this is your preferred prompt language and gender under Confirm calls type). Select 'Custom' to use your own custom prompts. By selecting 'Default' you will be prompted to dial 1 to answer an inbound call or 0 to reject it.
    The advantage of this option is that you will know if you are receiving a business or personal call. Another benefit is that the caller will not hear your private voicemail. This is the case where your cell phone has been selected as a destination.

  • Select call group members (VoIP Accounts; VoIP trunks; Destinations and/ or Users. NB!! Please refer to our page on Users before selecting any) under Destinations.

  • Click Save

Add the Call group to the Dialplan 

  • Go to 'Admin' in the Main Menu >> Click on 'Phone number' under 'Main functionalities'

  • Select the phone number that you would like to link to the Call group that you have created (by clicking on the two converging arrows along the row of your chosen phone number).¬†

  • Click add step where you would like the Call group to ring >> Select 'Call group' from the first drop-down menu >> Select the specific Call group from the second drop-down menu >> Enter the duration that you would like the Call group to ring for, in the 'Ring time' field.

  • Click Save to save the step that you've just added

  • Remember to save the entire Dialplan once you're done otherwise it won't update.

Pro tip

It's recommended not to have a caller wait more than 30 seconds before the call is answered.

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