Configure Opening Hours

  1. Log in on Freedom

  2. Go to 'Admin' >> 'Opening hours' (under Options)

  3. Click Add to create a new condition for a specific time or period of unavailability.

  4. Name your Opening Hours group. 

  5. Add a description for easy reference (e.g. 'General business hours').

  6. Click Step 2.

  7. Set the 'Opening hours and days'  to the specific day/ date/ time combination you wish to use this condition for.

  8. Click Save.

Update your Dialplan

Now add your newly created Opening Hours filter to your Dialplan as the first step.

Please note: Your Dialplan must first be empty before you can add Opening Hours.

Public holidays

Want to schedule all public holidays for the next 12 months? We've listed all SA public holidays for you here. :-)

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