1. Log in to Freedom

  2. If the message doesn't exist in 'Sounds' then follow the steps below to add it there first.

  3. Go to 'Admin'

  4. Click on 'Sounds' (under System Management)

  5. Click Add

  6. Block or Allow pop-up prompt: "freedom.voys.co.za wants to use your microphone"

  7. Add a Name and Description (e.g. "Welcome message" and "Operating hours Welcome message").

  8. Check the 'Create message' check-box (so as to have your sound automatically added to the Messages module, saving you the double-work of adding it later)

  9. Select either Record file or Upload file

  10. Follow the prompts

  11. Click Save

However, if the message already exists in 'Sounds' then follow the steps below to save it to 'Messages'. Saving it to 'Messages' ensures that the message can be selected in your Dialplan.

  1. Add a Name

  2. Add your Audio file from the list in the drop-down menu

  3. Click Save

Please note: A Message can be set in place of a Voicemail in the Dialplan. This is for companies who don’t want to receive any voicemail messages but would like to have a greetings message for their callers.

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