Music on Hold can be used in two ways:

  1. Play selected music/ audio when a caller is put on hold.

  2. Play selected music/ audio when a caller is waiting on hold in a call queue.

Setting up Music on Hold

  1. Create a playlist by going to 'Admin' >> 'Music on hold' (under 'Options')

  2. Click Add

  3. Name your playlist

  4. Check the check box: "Use as default hold music"

  5. Click Step 2

  6. Upload your audio file. This file can either be in MP3 or WAV format

  7. Click Save

Activate your Music on hold by updating your Dialplan

  1. Add a step above your existing Dialplan steps

  2. Select Music on hold from the first drop-down menu

  3. Select the saved Music on hold playlist from the second drop-down menu

Music on Hold and a Call Queue
If you want to play Music on Hold specifically when a caller is waiting in a Call Queue, add Music on hold to your Dialplan one step before your queue, and select your preferred playlist.

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