With Voys you can both receive and send faxes straight from your email. You do not need a fax machine. Receive faxes in your email inbox. Don’t waste paper. Digitally archive, or forward directly to the relevant colleague.

Fax inbound

  • If you don’t already have a separate fax number on your account, please add a number.

  • Click Add >> Follow prompt.

  • Complete the required fields >> Enter the Email address to receive inbound faxes >> Click Save.

  • Click Dialplan (on the main navigation bar) >> Click on the fax number.

  • Click on the 3 dots next to Step 1  >> Select Fax to e-mail from the first drop-down menu >> Select the email address set above from the second drop-down menu and save >> Click Save to save Dialplan updates. 

Fax outbound

  • Click on Fax accounts >> Click Add >>Follow prompt.

  • Complete needed fields >> Enter Outgoing number (your fax number) >> Select Country calling code >> Click Save.

  • Under Fax outbound >> Go to E-mail & domain >> Click Add.

  • Select the Email-to-fax account >> Enter your Email address(es) as trusted sender(s) >> Click Save.

  • You will receive an email requesting you to validate your email address. IMPORTANT: You need to confirm by clicking the URL contained in the email in order to complete the settings. 

How it works

A few things need to be in place:

  • You must have enabled the Email-2-Fax feature by following the settings for: Fax inbound and Fax outbound.

  • You must have a dedicated Fax number. 

What your email (outbound fax) should look like

  • The subject line should be the recipient’s fax number (e.g. 0211234567 ): Multiple recipients are possible, phone numbers must be separated by a comma (,).

  • Attach the document you want to fax as a PDF file. Multiple documents can be attached and will be compiled into one fax. The email body can be left empty.

  • Send the email to: fax@versturen.nu 

  • You will receive a fax report in your inbox confirming that the fax was sent successfully.

A few things to consider when sending a fax by email

  • A fax can contain up to 200 pages

  • The possibility of receiving an error message is more likely with messages containing 30 pages or more

  • Call charges apply when sending a fax. The call rate is dependent on the dialled number and the duration of the "call"

Status notifications and what they suggest

  • Pending | Awaiting: The received mail is being converted to fax or the user is yet to validate the message

  • Queue | in queue: The message is ready to be sent. (It will be sent within 5 minutes)

  • Shipment | Send: The fax is sent

  • Sent | Sent: We have received a message that the fax has been sent.

  • Failed | failed: Message delivery has failed after 5 attempts or the receiving fax gives an error message that causes the system to stop. 

  • Unknown | Unknown: No recipient status has been obtained


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