What does it do?

  • Block or allow certain numbers, area codes or countries.

  • Route inbound calls according to the phone number of the caller.

  • For example, an inbound filter, to be sure that customer A is always routed to colleague B. Never have to forward calls anymore.

  • You can filter on a section of a number - for instance, +2721 or +2712 if you want to filter calls from Cape Town or Johannesburg - or a full number.

How to configure

  • Log in on Freedom

  • Go to Admin >> Advanced options >> Filter

  • Click Add >> Follow prompt.

  • Select Type filter >> Enter other needed details >> Click Save.

  • Click Dialplan (on the main navigation bar) >> Click on the on the number to filter. 

  • Select Filter group >> Select desired filter group >> Click Save on step >> Click Save for Dialplan.


The Filter can not be added before or in-between routing steps. The filter must either be added. 

  1. To an empty dialplan, 

  2. added directly after an Opening Hours Filter,

  3. or added as the last step, before adding other routing steps.

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