Dial out restrictions

  • Prevent abuse by restricting an extension to dial only certain numbers.

  • For instance South African landlines and cell phones or no dialling to international numbers.

Fraud detection

  • Voys automatically detects irregular call behaviour.

  • We will notify you before your phone bills spirals out of control.

Avoiding unwanted calls 

  • If you're being harassed by a person or company, make a filter with that number. 

  • In the Dialplan leave the step after 'Meets conditions' empty to disconnect calls from this number.

1.1.4.Accountability during calls

  • It can be used to monitor calls for security in case of legal record and quality assurance of colleagues and target market and/or clientele.

  • Legal aspect: Please note that you are responsible for the legal compliance of recording phone calls. This means that you have to inform the caller about recording their phone call.

  • See more on Call recording.

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