The screenshots are from the W52P model. Other models will look slightly different. The settings will be the same, however. 

How to register VoIP account(s) on the base station 

Tracing the IP address of the base station

  1. Go to the main menu of the handset by pressing the ‘OK’ button three times.
    The IP address is now shown at the top of the screen.

  2. Open a web browser on a computer that is connected to the same network as the base station. Type the IP address of the base station in the address field of your browser.

  3. You are now directed to the Login page of your base station. 

  4. Fill in Username: admin, Password: admin


Select Auto Provision under the Phone tab.

  1. In the field Provisioning Server fill in:

  2. Click ‘Autoprovision Now

  3. The base station will now update and reboot.

  • After the phone has rebooted, the User and Password will change to User: voys Password: freedom

Configuring VoIP account

  1. Select the Account tab

  2. Copy the setting from the screenshot below. The values for the fields in brackets ([ ]) correspond with the VoIP account details for the corresponding extension. You can find the details on Freedom under Admin >> VoIP Account >> “corresponding VoIP account”

Note: if your are registering multiple VoIP accounts on the base station, then the other accounts can be added by selecting the next account in the Account drop down menu (right at the top). 

  • If the registration fails, then go to the Account tab >> Basic and make sure that all details have been entered correctly and confirmed.

  • Click the Advanced tab at the left of the screen

  • Make sure you give each extension in the network a unique Local SIP Port. For instance 5061 for extension 201, 5062 for extension 202 etc.

Adding extra handsets to the base station

To register a handset manually (Applicable when base station and handset do not recognise each other): 

  1. Long press the pager button on the front of base station.

The registration LED slow flashes, indicating the base station is in the registration mode. 

2. Press “OK” on the handset to enter the main menu. 

3. Select the tools icon in the bottom right corner of the display. Then press “Registration” followed by “Register Handset”. 

The LCD screen displays the base (1-4). 

4. Press or to highlight the desired base (standard is Base1), and press the OK soft key. 

The handset begins to search for the base station. 

5. Press the OK soft key when the LCD screen displays the ID of the base station. 

6. Enter the system PIN (default: 0000). 

7. Press the Done soft key. 

The handset plays a tone and prompts the message “Handset Subscribed” on the LCD screen, which indicates the registration has finished. 

After successful registration, the internal handset number and handset name appear on the LCD screen.

Important note: Each handset requires a unique VoIP account. 

Handset names

Make sure the handset name corresponds to the actual extension number, or give it a practical name. E.g. ‘John’. See screenshot below

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