1. First, log in to Freedom
  2. You will land on the 'Dashboard'
  3. Click the Top up credit button under the 'Prepaid' section
  4. Enter the numerical amount that you wish to top up your credit with
  5. Click enter so that the total including VAT can be displayed
  6. Click Confirm & pay now
  7. You will be taken to the Payfast website where your payment total is confirmed. Enter your email address
  8. The next screen prompts you to select your preferred payment method: Either Credit & Cheque card, Instant EFT, Masterpass or Debit card

Notes on payment methods

  • When Credit & Cheque card is selected: Fill in your bank card details
  • When Instant EFT is selected: Click on your bank's icon >> Open another tab to log into your bank’s online banking portal in order to make the payment. Once the payment is completed via online banking, return to the Payfast page and click on I have completed payment.
  • When Masterpass is selected: Follow the on-screen instructions regarding the Masterpass App
  • When Debit card is selected: Enter a South African mobile phone number and follow the on-screen instructions
  • And you’re done! 

Payment confirmation will be sent to your email by Payfast. Thereafter your prepaid credit top up will then reflect on the Freedom dashboard, excluding VAT. 

If your payment is not reflecting on Freedom, please contact us soonest with your Payfast Payment confirmation at hand.

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