To set up your Voicemail:

  1. Log in to your Freedom account

  2. Go to 'Admin' in the Main Menu >> 'Voicemail' under 'Call forwarding'

  3. Click Add

  4. 'Voicemail box number': Choose a unique number for your voicemail box i.e. '901' (We prefer to use the '900' range for voicemail boxes)

  5. 'Description': Enter a description for the voicemail box for easy reference i.e. Main voicemail box

  6. 'Email addresses': Enter the email addresse(s) (if more than one email address, then separate the email addresses with a comma and no spaces)

  7. 'Welcome message type': From the drop-down menu, choose the type of message that you would like to be played by selecting either None, Default or Custom

  8. Selecting Default will use a default system message - you can choose the Language and Gender of this default message under 'Message settings'

  9. Selecting Custom will require you to upload your own audio file (either WAV or MP3, max 5MB). By clicking on the drop-down menu under 'Custom message', to access a message that was saved to 'Sounds' earlier or by clicking on Choose file under 'File', to upload a message from your PC.

  10. Click Save.

Please note: For the voicemail to be active you lastly need to add it as the final step in your Dialplan.

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