The Voys 4G App

How do I install the Voys 4G-app?

Begin by downloading the Voys app from the Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore, or update to the latest version. If you are using a newer Huawei device and you are unable to find the application on Huawei AppGallery, download Huawei's Petal Search, to search for the Android file.


How to configure the app

Please note: The app can only be downloaded to Android smartphones running on Android version 6 and higher (Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat, Android Oreo or Android Pie). The Voys 4G App is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using iOS 10.0 and higher.

  • Important: Every app user must have a unique user account under Users and Select Admin permissions in the User settings. 
  • Open the app and log in with your username and password that you use to log in at Freedom.
  • Enter your cellphone number, including country code >> Check if you are presented with the correct outbound number.
  • iOS: Allow notifications to receive calls.
    Android: Allow Voys to record audio.
  • Allow the app to access your contacts.
  • iOS: Go to 'Settings' and switch 'Enable VoIP' to green.
    Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 11.46.16
  • Android: Go to 'Settings' and switch 'Call using VoIP' to green.
  • You will get a message that explains you need to link a VoIP account to your user profile to enable VoIP calling on the app.
    Select 'Set VoIP Account'


You are now diverted to 'User Data'. 

  • Scroll down to 'Mobile app'. If an unassigned VoIP account is available, you can select it from the drop-down menu.
  • If the menu shows no entries, click on 'New VoIP account' and agree with the costs by clicking 'Continue'.
  • Add a description for your reference. E.g. John app.
  • If desired update other settings and/ or click 'Save'.
  • Select the new VoIP account from the drop-down list. Click 'Save'. Click 'Back'.
  • The app briefly shows 'Checking VoIP account'. You are now ready to make VoIP calls from the app!

You are now ready to make and receive VoIP calls with your business number from the app!


Receiving calls on the app

If you also want to receive calls on the app, select 'Dialplan' from the menu in the app. Then add the new VoIP account to the Dialplan.


Select which device must ring

Are you intermittently available on the app or your desk phone? Then add yourself to the Dialplan as a 'User' and toggle which device rings under 'Availability' in the app, browser plugin or Freedom dashboard.
When you receive a call on the Voys App, you will hear a different ring tone. The call is answered by clicking on the notification, opening the app and clicking 'Accept'. Answer quicker by swiping the notification left.


Internet connection and calls

  • A 4G/LTE VoIP call on the app uses about 1MB per minute from your cell phone data bundle.
  • We strongly recommend calling over 4G/LTE and not WiFi. A 4G connection is more reliable and call quality much higher.
  • The app automatically detects if a stable 4G/LTE or WiFi connection is available and If not so; the app will set up a 2-step call when placing a call.
  • When 4G/LTE or WiFi is not available, calls will not be received by the app. Make sure that you have an alternative e.g. Fixed/Mobile; cell phone number added to the Dialplan
  • The app relies on your internet connection. It first establishes if connectivity is sufficient for a VoIP call. If you move around during a call, it’s possible that call quality will deteriorate or is disconnected.
  • When you are on a VoIP call and you receive a call on your cell phone, the VoIP call will be put on hold.
  • You can transfer calls to other extensions in the app.