Plugin / Click & Call

Plugin / Click & Call

Our Click & Call Plugin is a program that ensures that you no longer have to enter a telephone number. With the push of a button, your telephone, app or Webphone will then call out to the chosen number.
What can you do with the plugin?

After installing our plugin in your Chrome/Firefox web browser, you can easily manage the following things through your browser:

  • Click-to-call: Phone numbers are recognized on web pages and you can click on them to automatically call the number on your VoIP phone or soft client. Note: Unfortunately, this feature does not work in combination with the Voys 4G App.
  • Availability: Would you like to easily forward your incoming calls to your mobile device or be temporarily unavailable? Change your availability from your browser under 'availability'.
  • Colleagues: Search for your colleagues by name or extension and view their availability.
  • Queues: If you use queues within your organisation, the plugin provides insight into the number of people waiting in the different queues..
Installation Follow the steps below to install the plugin:


  • Install the Chrome plugin.
  • image
  • Click on the blue button '+ free'
  • You will get a pop-up, click on add afterwards


  • Install the Firefox plugin.
  • A pop-up will appear, click on "add" afterwards.

The plugin is now installed and you can see a gray Voys logo in your Chrome/Firefox toolbar (usually located in the top right of your web browser).

How does it work?

To use the functionalities of the plugin, you need to log in with the same account (login details) that you received to manage your telephony services in Freedom. Click on the phone icon in your toolbar and a login screen will open.

Enter your email address and password here and click on login. You will now enter the main panel of the plugin.


The main screen

The main screen looks like this:

Settings in Freedom

For customers who are billed per second

In Freedom, you can adjust the Click and Call settings.

  • Go to Admin
  • Click on Users
  • Go to your own email address
  • Click on the "Telephony settings" tab
  • Select the VoIP account you want to make outgoing calls with under "Click-to-Call account."

When using Click-to-Call, your phone will ring. With the "auto-answer" checkbox, your phone will be answered automatically when using Click-to-Call, and you don't need to answer manually. This can be useful if you are using a headset.

For customers who use minutes to make calls

In Freedom, you can adjust the Click and Call settings.

  • Go to Admin
  • Click on Users
  • Go to your own email address
  • Click on the "Incoming calls" tab
  • Select the VoIP account you want to make outbound calls with under "Click-to-call destination".

When using Click-to-call, your phone will ring. With the "Set up Click-to-call call directly" checkbox, your phone will be immediately answered when using Click-to-call and you don't have to answer manually. This can be useful if you're using a headset.

Outgoing call

When you click on the phone icon next to a phone number, you will call the number!

Then a popup opens which displays the status of the conversation - which number is being called, whether you are connected, and so on. If you click outside the popup, you close it.

If you want to call a foreign number or a number that is not recognized, you can do so as follows:

  • Select the number with the mouse
  • Click the right mouse button
  • Click 'call selected number'’


This will log you out and display the login screen again. Once you are logged out, you will no longer be able to use Click and Call.


If you often switch between your destinations, the plugin is a useful tool for this. If you click on 'Accessibility', the accessibility form will expand. Here you can quickly indicate whether you are accessible or not by clicking on 'YES' or 'NO'. You can only click on 'YES' if you have destinations. If you have clicked on 'YES', you can select your destination from the dropdown. As soon as you click on a destination, it will be saved immediately.



Under 'Colleagues' you can immediately see whether your colleagues are busy or not, comparable to the BLF on an attendant console. You can search by name or extension and with one click call a colleague directly. You can see the availability of your colleagues by the color of the handset: available (green), being called (flashing red), and busy (red).


If you have queues in your organization, you can use the plugin to keep track of how many people are currently waiting in your queues.

Since each waiting queue is associated with a call group, the waiting queues are divided by call group. If you have multiple waiting queues that lead to the same call group, the number of waiting customers in these queues will be added together. If you click on 'Waiting Queues', the list will expand to show the waiting queues in your organization.

Each queue shows the number of people waiting in that specific queue. When you click on a queue in the list, a green checkmark appears, indicating that it is your "primary" queue. The toolbar icon now changes to a queue icon with the number of people waiting in this queue. If you click on the queue again, it will be deselected and the toolbar icon will change back to the phone icon.

Toolbar icon

  • The toolbar icon can take on different forms. By default, when you are logged out, it is a gray phone:
  • When you are logged in and your availability status is set to "YES", this icon turns green:
  • When you are logged in and your availability status is set to "NO", this icon turns red:
  • If you have queues and you have selected one as the primary queue, the icon shows the number of waiting for callers in this queue:
  • If you select one of the queues, the Voys logo will no longer be displayed, but instead, you will see the number of waiting callers. However, if you change your availability, the icon will change for 5 seconds to the green or red Voys logo.

FAQ about Click & Call plugin

Where can I find your coding for this plugin?

This can be found on Github .

Can the Plugin also be used on the telephone?

No, but it can be used in combination with the app. So if you have the plugin on your laptop, just call our app. Then you can set this up so that you can click on telephone numbers on the laptop and then you can make calls with the app.

How do I log out of the Plugin?
  • Click on the Voys icon
  • at the top right of your browser.

  • Press the arrow.
  • You are now logged out.
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