How to stop ghost calls (constant calls from 1000, 100, 1001, etc)?

How to stop ghost calls (constant calls from 1000, 100, 1001, etc)?

A guide on how to combat ghost calls on a Yealink Device

The definition

A ghost call is a call in which, when the recipient of the call answers, there is no one on the other end of the callor you could receive calls from random 'short' phone numbers, with no one on the other line when you answer.

The solution

1. Change the local SIP port on the device:

Log into the phone's web interface (using IP number).

Select 'Settings' then select 'SIP'

Change 'Local Sip Port' and 'TLS SIP Port' : change from e.g. 5060 to 5160 and 5061 to 5161.


2. Check the firewall settings for the router:

Set your firewall to be more restrictive. Our advice is to permit all SIP / VoIP traffic from our platform. The IP range you should use is (or and All other SIP / VoIP traffic you can block.

If the above does not work…

3. Extra settings on Yealinks:

Yealink support page

Some information from the Yealink page

If it's a Yealink phone (there quite prone to receiving ghost calls) go to the Features tab and set Accept SIP Trust Server Only to 'Enabled' and Allow IP Call to 'Disabled'

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