Always allow the Webphone to play audio

Always allow the Webphone to play audio

Why does this occur?

For a few years now, Chrome has had a policy that users of their browser must first interact with the website before audio playback begins. Because the Webphone is a Web app, Chrome also does this with our Webphone. In this manual, you will read two options to ensure that you do not experience this every time you start the Webphone.

1. Download the Webphone as an App

The first option is to no longer have the Webphone in a tab, but to download it as an app.

You can achieve this in two ways:

  • Click Settings, then
  • Click Install (This is commonly available when you setup the Webphone for the first time)

Another option is shown below: This depends on your browser; you can have different options, like Install Voys Webphone, etc

  • Click on the 3 dots on the right of your web browser.
  • Click Save and Share
  • Select Open in Voys Webphone
  • 📌
    You can create a shortcut if you do not have the Webphone already installed.
  • You will have the Voys Webphone Icon on your Task bar and on your Desktop
  • image
  • The Webphone now opens on a separate screen.

2. Change permissions

Is downloading the app not an option, or do you not want this? Then you can also enable permission via the tab to always allow the sound.

  • Open the Webphone.
  • Click on the icon for the URL (indicated with an arrow).
  • Click settings

  • Go to the Permissions section under Privacy and security
  • Indicate under Sound that you want to allow this.


You have now indicated that you want audio to always be allowed when you have the Webphone open in a tab.

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