Freedom Unlimited Package

Freedom Unlimited Package

Everything you need to know about the Freedom Unlimited Package

Freedom Unlimited was launched in January 2022. For a fixed price per user per month, you get a phone number, a full-featured cloud-based phone system, and free national calls.

What is Freedom Unlimited?

A premium professional phone system for your business. For a fixed price per month, you get access to a world-class, cloud-based phone system and unlimited national calls.

How does Freedom Unlimited work?

Each user can connect up to three devices to be available from anywhere. For example:

  • Device 1: Voys App (devices compatible with Voys services)
  • Device 2: Voys Webphone
  • Device 3: Any other SIP phone or client (i.e. hard phone or third-party app)

You can choose how and where you want your calls to reach you. In this manner, your calls follow you wherever you are. Should you want them to of course!

No more unpleasant surprises with your phone bill. With Freedom Unlimited, you know exactly what the cost is.

Professionalize your phone system with corporate PBX features such as opening hours or an IVR menu. Automatically redirect your calls to your mobile after business hours. Send calls directly to voicemail on weekends so you can enjoy family time without losing a call or leaving your customer hanging on the line.

What’s more, you can manage all that yourself directly from our online Freedom platform. And: still no contracts!

What is included in Freedom Unlimited?

The fixed price per user includes 3 devices; free national calls (fair-use) and almost all Freedom features.

Below is a summary of features included with Freedom Unlimited:

  • Three devices: Voys App (Android/iOS), Voys Webphone, and SIP phone or client (i.e. hard phone or third party app)
  • Call forwarding to mobile/landline phone number.
  • Free national calls (Fair-Use policy)
  • Unlimited Voys-to-Voys calls free
  • Opening hours, Messages, Queue, IVR
  • Voicemail-to-email, Calling groups
  • Filter groups, Pick up group
  • Music on hold/ waiting tone
  • Listen-in, Conference calls (conferencing, unlimited attendees)
  • Online Management + Statistics
  • Name display for incoming calls (Prefix variables)
  • Webhooks, Call Notification API

How much does Freedom Unlimited cost?

  • 1 - 3 users = R400 (excl. VAT) per user per month
  • Thereafter 4th user + = R350 (excl. VAT) per user per month
  • Phone number = R20 (excl. VAT) per month
  • Once-off setup fee: R800 (excl. VAT)
  • New phone number once-off setup fee: R60 (excl. VAT)

I hope you're excited about your Voys Freedom Unlimited. If you are ready to go ahead, you can sign up and activate your account directly via our online Sign-Up portal here.

You will need to have a copy of your ID, CoR (company registration), and Confirmation of Bank Account letter (we can also support sole traders!), ready to upload to proceed with the sign-up. You will be able to verify and set up your account immediately, and you can settle the activation fee and be up and running with your phone system.