Call from Outlook or MS Business Contact Manager

Call from Outlook or MS Business Contact Manager

With Click to Call, you can select a phone number on your computer screen and instruct your phone to dial the number. You don't have to type in the number, which saves you time and effort! It's possible to click to call from Outlook or MS Business Contact Manager, but it does require a bit of effort. Below, you can read how to set this up.

To make calls from MS Outlook or MS Business Contact Manager, download 'Siptapi'.

  • Extract the file and open the Release folder. You will find two folders inside: 32bit and 64bit. Choose the folder that matches your operating system (tip: you can find this by right-clicking on This PC and selecting Properties. Here you will see 32-bit operating system or 64-bit operating system).
  • Copy the file siptapi.tsp from the corresponding folder to C:windowssystem32. Note: you must have administrator privileges on the computer in question to do this.

Setting up Siptapi

Open the Control Panel.

  • Choose the Phone and Modem Options section.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Click on Add.
  • In the list of available drivers, select SIPTapi and then click Add.
  • SIPTapi service provider should now appear in the list of providers. Click on SIPTapi service provider and then press Configure.

Note: Another screen may appear first asking for details such as your area code. Fill this in as completely as possible and click ‘OK’.

The following screen will appear, fill in the following fields as follows (see the image below):

  • SIP Domain:
  • SIP Outbound Proxy:
  • Leave the checkboxes for Reverse mode and Auto answer unchecked
  • User: Enter the account ID for your VoIP account here. You can find this on -> Manage -> VoIP Account.
  • Password: Enter the password that belongs to your VoIP account (this can be found on
  • Authentication-user: Leave this blank.
  • User’s extension: The internal phone number of the relevant device (for example, 201)
  • Once you have completed this setup, a restart of your computer is necessary to use Siptapi.

Using Siptapi

  • With Siptapi, it is now possible to call contacts directly from applications such as Outlook.
  • To do so, go to a contact and right-click on the phone number. Select call contact and press start call.
  • Your own device will start ringing, answer the call.
  • The caller will now be called, it may take a few seconds before you hear the phone ringing on the called person's end.

Good to know

Many of our customers enjoy using Siptapi. Please note that Siptapi was not developed by us. Therefore, we do not provide support for this software.

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