MS Teams connector user guide

MS Teams connector user guide


In this guide, we assume that you are already set up to make calls with Teams. Here, we will describe how to set up Click-to-Dial so that you can click on phone numbers on web pages, and Microsoft Teams will automatically initiate the call.

Click to Dial Configuration

The PBX does not know when calls are put on hold; therefore, custom hold music cannot be played for the caller.

There are three steps to activating Click to Dial on your PC:

  • Make sure Click To Call for Skype For Business is not installed
  • Set Microsoft Teams as the default app for calling
  • Install a browser plugin to make phone numbers clickable

Below you can find how to ensure each step goes smoothly:

Make sure Click to Call for Skype For Business is not installed

  • Close all browser windows and tabs.
  • From your system settings, select Add/Remove Programs.
  • In the displayed list, select Skype for Business, if listed, and remove it first.
  • Then select Skype for Business.
  • Click to Call and click Remove.
Set Microsoft Teams as the default app for making calls.
  • Go to your system settings and select Default apps.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select 'Choose default apps by protocol.'
  • Browse through the list of protocols to find TEL and configure it on Microsoft Teams:
Install a browser plugin to make phone numbers clickable.

Depending on your browser, it may be necessary to install a plugin to turn phone numbers into clickable links. There are many different plugins available, and while we have some suggestions below, we are not affiliated with them and cannot be held responsible for any shortcomings they may have.


Microsoft Edge

Built-in functionality, no plugin required

Internet Explorer

Not available

Google Chrome

Plugin Required. Suggestion SIP Click to Call (select tel: NUMBER in the configuration menu)


Plugin Required. Suggestion TelNowEdge Click-to-Call

How to use Click to Dial

When you see a phone number on a web page, you can click on it with the left mouse button to place the call using Teams. You may be asked if you want to start MS Teams and if you want to use it as the default action.

You should then see a dialog box asking: 'Would you like to call this number?'

Note: Some websites may contain numbers with spaces between numbers, and this may prevent them from dialing correctly in some browsers.

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