Change internal number on a Gigaset

Change internal number on a Gigaset


When you change the internal number of a VoIP account in, the internal number on your phone's display does not change. This is because the display of the number on your phone's display is separate from the data in Freedom.

Changing intern number in Freedom
  • Go to Freedom.
  • Go to Admin.
  • Click on VoIP account.
  • Choose the VoIP account for which you want to change the internal number (In this example 201/Bet Weter).
  • image

  • Here you can adjust the internal number, for example from 201 to 208.
  • image
  • Click on Save.

The change of the internal number is not yet reflected on your device. To adjust this on your device, you need to log in to the web interface of the device. You can access the web interface by entering the IP address of your device in your web browser. You can find how to do this for each device below:.

Change the internal number in your Gigaset
  • Press the blue button on the front of the base station; the registered handsets will now ring and the IP address will be displayed on the screen.

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