Set BLF and speed dial Grandstream

Set BLF and speed dial Grandstream


Setting availability of colleagues

On the Grandstream, you can add an additional display to show all your colleagues' devices, so you can see if they are available.

  • Go to Programmable Keys.
  • Choose Extension Boards.
  • Start at EXT 1 (see image).
    1. image
    2. Mode: Busy Lamp (BLF).
    3. Account: Account 1 (of als je meer accounts hebt toegevoegd, een ander account).
    4. Description: Device name or your colleague.
    5. Value: Voip-Account ID.
  • You do this with all colleagues you want to add.

Setting up shortcuts for colleagues

Read what is written above, but instead of BLF, select speed dial for the Mode.

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