What is Bubble?

Bubble (www.redcactus.nl/en/) allows you to integrate your favorite CRM software with Voys. During an incoming or outgoing call, a pop-up will show on your computer containing the relevant customer data and will allow you to directly open the customer details or perform other actions. Next to this, you can see which Bubble user had the latest interaction with the customer. After the call, you can make a note of your call, which will be saved in your CRM software.

5 main reasons to use Bubble:

  • Insight and registration of who is calling
  • Direct relevant information available
  • See the last contact with the customer
  • Open the customer details in one click
  • Fewer actions, time savings
Interested? Please contact us @ info@voys.co.za to see if you qualify.

Bubble (English)

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