How to set up Bubble notifications

How to set up Bubble notifications

1. How to set which customer data you want to see?

  • When a customer calls, you immediately see the correct customer data in a pop-up. You decide which customer data. Open the Bubble app and choose 'Notifications'.
  • In 'Notification Title' you enter a title for the pop-up.
  • In 'Notification Content' you indicate which information you want to see.
  • In the 'Legend' list, you will find variables that you can choose from and that you can fill in at Notification Content.
  • First, indicate what the variable means and then put the variable behind it, for example: 'Called number: $number'.
  • Press Show Example to see an example of the pop-up.
  • Don't forget to press Save when you're done.

2. Most recent contact visible immediately

  • In the pop-up, you immediately see which colleague the caller last spoke to. It's super handy if you need more information or if the caller wants to speak to the same colleague again.
Tip! Do you switch a lot with your colleagues? Enable Smart Routing to prevent this as much as possible.

3. Action buttons

  • In the pop-up, you can set up to four different action buttons.
  • Think of opening the customer card, making a call-back request, starting a timer, answering the call, or sending an email. This way, you can completely customize the pop-up according to your wishes.
  • Check the button under “Button Enabled”.
  • Choose which button you want to create or choose Custom if you want to create your own
  • Indicate which text should appear on the button under Button Text.
  • If you have chosen for Custom, you can indicate which variable belongs to it under Action.

Check 'Always Visible' if it should be visible at all times.


4. Notes in Bubble Pop-Up

A customer calls back or needs to be transferred to a colleague. You want to quickly know what this customer wants and you don't want the customer to have to repeat their story. This is possible by making a note in Bubble.

  • Click on the pencil icon in the pop-up during the call. You will see a 'Call note' screen there. Enter a brief description and press Save.
  • image
  • If the customer calls back or is transferred, click on the arrow icon this time.

  • A list of recent calls will appear. The notes are in the last column. If you hover over them with your mouse, you can read the complete note.


5. Never dial the wrong number again

The Red Cactus Bubble integration has a 'click-to-dial' function. This way you select a phone number in your CRM package, after which your device, Webphone or app immediately calls the selected number. You can find how to set this up here under Click&Call.

6. Enter a number from the Bubble integration

Don't have a phone number to select? Then enter it in the dialpad of the Bubble integration. Then press the call button and your device, webphone or app will immediately call the chosen number.

To get the dial pad, click on 'Remote Dialer'.

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