Call Through

Call Through


Sometimes you may have such poor internet coverage that making VoIP calls is not possible. In that case, the app even offers the ability to make outgoing calls with your business number via Call Through. This functionality works as follows.


Setting up a Call Through call

  • Enter the phone number you want to call.
  • Press call.
  • Your mobile provider now calls a Voys number.
  • Press call again.

Our 021 number then forwards the call to the number you have chosen.

We cover these forwarding costs. The receiving party sees your business number as usual.

The cost of calling this number will be charged by your mobile provider and usually falls within your call bundle.

Note! Your mobile provider may charge roaming fees!


Call Through and call recording

Calls made with the Voys App via Call Through are not recorded. Recording of outgoing calls is done via VoIP accounts or a trunk, Call Through is not. When you call a customer, your mobile provider first calls a Voys number. Our phone number then forwards the call to the number you have chosen, while displaying your Voys landline number.

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