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App preferences
  • Use VoIP
  • With this, you call via the internet from our platform with your business number. When this function is turned off, calls are also set up via Call Through.

ONLY FOR ANDROID - Always run in the background

This is an option that is turned on by default. It cannot be turned off via the app (hence it remains gray), but only via the battery saving settings of your phone itself. It is advisable to leave this on to not miss any phone calls. The app can respond quickly enough to the notification with low power consumption.

ONLY FOR IPHONE - Add to phone's contact list

Your Voys calls are also visible on your phone. If you turn this off, your calls will only be visible in the app.


Here you can indicate whether you want to see all your calls from the entire organization or only those from you.


Choose between the recognizable ringtone of Voys or the ringtone of your own mobile phone.


If there are any problems with the app, it is advisable to enable remote logging. We can then see what behavior the app is showing. It is good to know that only data about the app itself is collected and nothing else.

Username /User
  • Here, you can adjust your mobile number and
  • Update your outgoing number.
  • You can also see which user you are logged in as.
  • Logout
Company name

Calls: - Will show the company's calls

Dial Plan: You can update your dial Plan

Edit opening hours


About the App
  • If you see a bug in the app or have experienced a call where the app did not behave as expected, you can fill out the feedback form. When filled out, it helps our developers enormously if an example call is attached (date + time and called / calling number).
  • The version of the App

Here, you will find all the latest updates from Voys. You can also opt specifically for app updates. Check it out here

Privacy Policy

Read our privacy policy here.

Latest Update

Here you can also see if you have the latest update of our app.

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We are constantly working on our platform and other products. If you want to stay informed of all updates, check for new updates

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