Set your availability

Set your availability


Where can I adjust my availability?

  • Open the Voys app.
  • Click on Profile.
Being Available

In the image next to this, you are available on the app. You can see this by the word available and the word (App) behind your VoIP account.

Not being available (DND)
  • Click on the toggle next to available.
  • Now, you are on Do Not Disturb (DND).
  • You are not reachable to colleagues who want to call you internally or externally calls if you’re in the dial plan.

To be available again, click the toggle again.

Available, but not on the app
  • If you are not available on the app but on another VoIP account, for example, the webphone, it will say available on other. Underneath that, it will show the VoIP account where you are reachable.
  • Your colleagues can still reach you internally on the app.
  • If you want to be reachable on another VoIP account, click on the dropdown. Here, you have the choice of all destinations that are linked to your user.
  • You are not on DND and are offline on the APP and as a user.
  • Reboot the App if this is not supposed to be and disconnect Wifi on your cellphone and connect again
Change or Switch availability on the Voys App

Once you have the “User” set up on the Dial plan, You can switch between devices, e.g divert calls to your cellphone or another extension


Do you want to be able to switch destinations for incoming calls? Set yourself as a user on the dial plan.

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