Current conversations

Current conversations


Current Conversations

For current conversations, you can see the conversation that you initiated or recorded.

During the conversation, you have several options.


Mute button

Press Mute to silence your microphone during a call. Press the same button again to unmute.


Transfer call

You can make calls with consultation or blind transfer. Do you want to announce the caller to a colleague before transferring? Select Warm/Attended transfer. Does the call need to be transferred immediately? Then select Cold/Blind.

  • Warm transfer

During the call, press the Transfer button. Choose a colleague from the list of internal numbers, or dial the number where you want to transfer the call and press the call icon. When the second person answers the call, you can have a conversation that the first person will not hear. Then, press Complete Transfer to transfer the first call.

  • Cold transfer

Choose a colleague from the list of internal numbers or enter the number you want to transfer to and press the phone icon. The call will be transferred immediately.


On hold

Put a conversation on hold by pressing the Hold button. You can retrieve the customer from hold by pressing Hold again.



You can end the call by pressing the Hang up button.

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