My Webphone does not ring on the first call of the day.

My Webphone does not ring on the first call of the day.

Google might prevent you from hearing the first sound

Every day when your Webphone rings for the first time, it will not make any sound. After that, Chrome will arrange this for you. They have built this in to prevent you from having a sound that is suddenly played. For example, if you visit a website where they immediately play sound from an advertisement, Chrome will ensure that this does not happen the first time. Because the Webphone is a WebApp, Chrome also does this with our Webphone.

What can I do?
  • Start up your Webphone
  • Make sure your headset is paired.
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Devices
  • Press Sound Test
  • You have now ensured that Chrome has interacted

with the Webphone and your first call should play a transition tone.

Can Voys also prevent this?

If there are options to arrange this differently in the future, we will certainly look into it. For now, unfortunately, we can not do anything because Chrome decides on it.

The problem has not yet been resolved
Turn on remote logging (debugging).
  • Open the Webphone
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to Debugging then click Remote Logging
  • image
Send feedback.
  • Make sure remote logging is turned on.
  • Open the Webphone
  • Press Contact Us
  • Indicate here what you are missing and press Send feedback
  • NB: If you want to contact us, read on. This is only a way to send feedback to us so that we can act on it.
If you want us to contact you to solve the problem
  • Please, Make sure Remote Logging is turned on
  • Write down some examples of when the issue happened, be as specific as possible with the date and time. For example:
    • March 12 at 1:13 p.m. with telephone number 0612345678.
    • Today at 13:15 pm with tel 0678910112
    • If it's an option to test the issues with us, that's fine too.

  • If you need urgent help, we advise you to call us on 021 012 5000
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