My Webphone starts automatically when I turn on my laptop, but it doesn't seem to work?

My Webphone starts automatically when I turn on my laptop, but it doesn't seem to work? You want the Webphone to start automatically when you start your laptop. This is certainly an option, but we do recommend always checking if your Webphone has fully started up. It may not respond immediately. What could be causing this?
  • You are still on DND from the last time you used the Webphone. The Webphone remembers this the next time you start up.
  • It may be necessary to bring the Webphone to the foreground to actually have it active.
  • Your headset is not immediately connected properly. The Webphone will not allow calls because it knows your audio is not working properly.
  • You are using the Webphone in a tab and letting Chrome start up automatically. Make sure you put the app on the laptop. Click here to find out how to do this.

Tip! If you use automatic start-up, always check that your Webphone is active and your headset is connected.


How to automatically start the Webphone?

This can be easily achieved by adding the url on the setting in Google Chrome

  • Click on the 3 dots
  • Click On Start up
  • Adda new page then add the URL, then make a choice e.g open a specific page
How to automatically start the Webphone another method via the PC
  • Open the Webphone
  • Go to your dock (the Webphone app will now be listed there)
  • Hover over the Webphone with your mouse and right-click
  • Now choose options
  • Check 'Open at login'.
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