I don't see all my colleagues in the Webphone

I don't see all my colleagues in the Webphone


There is an option in the Webphone that allows you to only see your colleagues who are online. If you want to see all your colleagues, you can turn off that option.

Set up to see all your colleagues
  • Open the Webphone.

Click the dialer button now.

  • All your colleagues are now visible again.
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Not all of my colleagues are visible yet..

Some of your colleagues can be found under the option "Colleagues".

The other colleagues are listed under "Accounts".

The colleagues under accounts are not linked to a user, which is why they are listed there.

If you want to have all colleagues together, you can do so by linking all VoIP accounts to user accounts.

  • Go to Freedom
  • Click Admin
  • Check all VoIP accounts of that user.

Is there no email address related to this colleague as yet?

Then click on add instead of selecting an already existing user. Add the VoIP accounts there.

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