My microphone does not work (I can hear the customer but they cannot hear me)

My microphone does not work (I can hear the customer but they cannot hear me)

  • Check if the microphone bar turns green.

You can see this in the settings of the Webphone, under Devices, and then under Microphone.

  • Does the Webphone have permission to use your microphone and are the settings in the Webphone correct?
Check by clicking on the little padlock on the browser window next to
Make sure that the Microphone is allowed

Then it is possible that your headset itself has some issues. Check if the settings of your headset are correct and if your headset is not on mute.

I have Windows
Is my headset connected to my laptop?
  • Does the Microphone in Windows work?
Your headset is paired, but does the Webphone have access to your headset and therefore microphone?
  • Go to the settings in Windows.
  • Click sound.
  • Click advanced sound options.
  • Check here if Chrome is not on mute.
  • Is the browser in the advanced settings action?
  • If the Webphone is used in a Citrix (secure) environment, the microphone may probably not be used. The above is therefore the case. It is best to ask your IT personnel to look at the settings of this environment to see if it is still an option to use the microphone.
  • Make sure you do not select the “Default” or “Communication” devices, but the device itself. Are the settings set to Standard and Communication? Then your operating system can switch this itself, so that you suddenly no longer call via your headset, but via your monitor without speakers

Is this all right? Then it may also be possible that the audio is blocked by your own network.

In that case, try the following:

  • Restart your router.
  • Are you on WiFi? Use a LAN cable (possibly with a hub as an intermediate piece) in your laptop. This way your internet is also more stable.

Windows 11

In Windows 11, the Webphone loses its audio. Under the settings, make sure you choose the devices themselves and NOT communication or standard

Is my headset connected to my laptop?
Is my headset connected to my laptop?

With Apple you can easily connect your Bluetooth devices as soon as you are near your device. Sometimes only the wrong device grabs your Bluetooth device. So make sure that your headset is connected to your MacBook.

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon at the top right
  • You will then see which devices are currently connected to your MacBook.
  • If there is an icon in front of your headset with a blue background, that headset is paired.
  • Are there more devices linked that are also interfering with audio? Press that icon so that it turns grey. Try calling again, can you do it now? Then another device took over your audio
Your headset is connected, but does it also work via your laptop?

Sometimes your headset is paired, but your laptop hasn't registered it properly yet.

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click Sound
  • image
  • Check whether the correct device has been selected at the input and output. You can also check here by means of the input level bar whether your microphone is working.
  • image
  • You can check this by going to System Preferences (gear icon) and then clicking on Bluetooth.
Just start again.

If the above options are not successful, we will start all over again.

  • Open de Webphone
  • Tap the three dots
  • at the top right

  • Click App Information
  • Click Cookies and Site Data
  • Press cookies and site data.
  • Manage

  • Press the trash cans
  • by all the cookies until you run out.


Sometimes your headset is connected, but your laptop hasn't registered it properly yet. If you go to system preferences (gear icon) and then click on sound, check if the correct device is selected for input and output. You can also check here by means of the input level slider if your microphone is working.

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